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Reverse mortgages made simple! Good Day Reverse makes it simple to choose the reverse mortgage that works best for you all for a discounted cost. Why get less when you can get MORE!


We are constantly providing better reverse mortgage programs for California homeowners. We are excited about some new additions that include lower HECM margins and Jumbo programs that allow for higher home values up to $6,000,000. Both offer new advantages and benefits!


Our discounts and credits not only save California homeowners money on your reverse mortgage, but it puts more money in your pocket. With our innovative approach you can choose the reverse mortgage program that works best for you all for a discounted cost!


Good Day Reverse is a California company. We have been customizing our programs and discounts to CA homeowners for over a decade. Whether it is our programs, discounts or locality it is no wonder why we are becoming a #1 choice for CA homeowners.

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Member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association

Member of the National Aging in Place Council

Member of the National Care Planning Council

BBB Accredited Business. 100% Positive Reviews.

Our Reverse Mortgage Advantage

The Good Day Reverse Advantage is quite simple. FHA Reverse mortgages are all the same in the sense that they are FHA approved, FHA insured and work from the same income and credit qualifying factors regardless of the company you choose. However, there are some key differences that can turn your reverse mortgage from something good into something great.

Our advantage is that we offer multiple very competitive programs that maximize your available money, so you can review and choose what works best for you. Learn more by using the comparison calculator above. In addition, we discount the loan origination fee and charge $0 for all monthly servicing fees. The results are better loans, lower fees and more money in your pocket. Why get less, when you can get more!


Good Day Reverse offers discounts on the origination fee and monthly servicing fees for all HECM and Jumbo reverse mortgage programs. We also disclose multiple programs, disclosing different rates and margins, so that you can pick what works best for you. The result is better loans, lower fees and more money in your pocket.


Our exclusive reverse mortgage discounts not only save you money, but they put more money in your pocket at funding. In addition, we try and offer reverse mortgage programs that can offer more available money than our competitors. Every dollar that we save you is an extra dollar that you receive back. When you save more you get more!


Our goal is to help you, the homeowner, get the reverse mortgage program that works best for you. Once we save you more and get you more we know you will relax and enjoy life a little more. Have a Good Day!

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Discounted HECM Origination Fee

Good Day Reverse is excited to announce that we have updated our origination fee discounts for 2018! After updating our reverse mortgage programs to include lower margins and rates we also decided to include exclusive discounts on all origination fees. We understand that every dollar we save is an extra dollar in your pocket!

Discounted Jumbo Origination Fee

Our jumbo reverse mortgage programs now include $0 origination fee options. In addition to paying $0 in upfront mortgage insurance premium we are now offering $0 origination fee options. These loans make for a great low-cost option for homeowners with values over $750,000.

Choose From Multiple Programs

Choose the reverse mortgage program that works best for you! In 2018 it is more important than ever that you have multiple options to choose from since the program can be a difference of qualifying for $20,000 less, or when working with Good Day Reverse a possibility of $20,000+ more! *See comparison calculator above.

$0 Monthly Servicing Fee

No monthly servicing fees are charged on any of our HECM government insured reverse mortgage programs. This not only saves $25-$35 a month on your loan, but it also qualifies you to receive thousands more.

Our Reverse Mortgage Service

Available Weekends and Nights

Next Day Application Delivery

No Loan Processing Fees

California Only

Discounts on Origination Fees

Reverse Mortgages Are All We Do

One Dedicated Reverse Mortgage Advisor

Provide List of Approved Counselors

We Make It Easy!


Are you ready to work with one amazing reverse mortgage loan advisor rather than getting passed around to different departments? I thought you would say that. With Good Day Reverse you will have one dedicated loan advisor that will walk you through the process from start to finish. Anything you need they will be available any time. Even on weekends and at night!


We are proud to say that we do ALL loan processing in-house. Your file is not sent to a third-party company or an independent contractor. We created an environment where the loan advisors can work directly with the loan processor for a smooth loan process. This allows us to process your reverse mortgage loan more effectively and efficiently.

Our Amazing Reverse Mortgage Reviews 

  • Jason Heyl with Good Day Reverse Mortgage was the loan agent on my original reverse mortgage in 2014 After talking to many other companies, Jason was able to offer the best rates and service. There were a couple of huge obstacles that nearly ended the loan process.

    CHET S. of Fontana, CA
  • GoodDay provided a competitive quotation that fit my needs for a reverse mortgage. When it came to answering questions I raised about the quotation or the rules or how the process works, Mr. Heyl of GoodDay Reverse Mortgage Co. was prompt, thorough and accurate in providing full answers to my questions, and taking prompt action to move the application process along. There was no hard sell or or delays from shuttering of my calls from one representative to another. The entire process from application to approval and funding the reverse mortgage was about 6 weeks. I think GoodDay Reverse Mortgage has done an excellent job of providing a safe, secure reverse mortgage package that will serve my needs for a long time.

    RICHARD K. of Berkeley, CA
  • We were shopping for minimum closing costs. Initial brokers wanted over $11,500. Found Good Day on the web. Jason Heyl was our Good Day broker. He was right on top of everything. Very professional and responsive. He quoted us closing costs of $5600, half of all the other companies we had contact. On the day we signed doc he told me he was able to get a $2000 credit. That made the total closing costs $3600! Using Jason and his company was not a good day, it was a GREAT DAY! I would recommend Jason without reservation.

    TOM C. of San Diego, CA
  • The experience was very good. Each step of the way was clearly laid out with efficient communications and procedures. Jason was friendly and professional. We got a very good deal and ended up paying even lower fees than expected. Highly recommended.

    CURTIS P. of Pacifica, CA
  • Jason Heyl is VERY helpful & makes the process a simple as can be. I have used him twice now & highly recommend him & Good Day Reverse.

    SANDY E. of Fort Bragg, CA
  • I would like to tell everyone how easy and quick my Reverse Mortgage was from beginning to end thanks to Jason, President of Good Day Reverse Inc. He is a very patient and knowledgeable man who would answer any and all questions that I had in the process of the Reverse Mortgage and in terms that I could understand. I would highly recommend Jason and his company to everyone I know.This is the best ever cant believe they are so good. This is the best ever cant believe they are so good. This is the best ever cant believe they are so good. This is the best ever cant believe they are so good. This is the best ever cant believe they are so good.

    SUSAN N. of Lakewood, CA
  • I recently was married and decided to do a re-finance in order to add my new spouse to the loan for her to benefit the stay in the house till death benefit. Remembering the awesome experience that I had with Jason, rather than have one of the many telemarketing and mail flyer agents do the re finance I chose to call Jason. I'm not sorry that I did. Same as the first time the loan was a very positive experience. Jason is a PROFESSIONAL, and will handle your loan as such. I would recommend Good Day Reverse to any of my friends or relatives to handle loans for them.

    STAN C. of Riverside, CA
  • I was initially concerned about starting this whole process, but after speaking with Janette Heyl, a Reverse Mortgage Advisor, I felt more at ease and comfortable. She explained every step to me and made sure that I fully understood everything there was to know about Reverse Mortgages. This made things less stressful for me because I knew what I was signing up for. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Heyl to anyone who is considering doing a Reverse Mortgage.

    Patricia E. of San Jose, CA
  • Good Day Reverse Mortgage is an excellent company to deal with. Janette Heyl was our loan person and she is so wonderful! She kept us informed of every step, walked us through the application process and just was there whenever we had a question. This was the easiest process because of Janette. I would recommend Good Day to anyone seeking a reverse mortgage. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

    Marilyn P. of Roseville, CA
  • To Whom It May Concern, After dealing with 2 other reverse mortgage brokers firms we were dazed, confused and turned off about the process and were unsure what we would be ending up with. After reading some very positive reviews we decided to check in with this company; Good Day Reverse Mortgage, and hear what they had to offer. Janette Heyl was the representative we spoke with. She did not try to dazzle us with figures or pressure us to do anything without first considering several other options. With her help everything worked out smoothly, always keeping us in the loop and answering everything thought or concern of ours as if we were speaking with a good friend.

    Scott of Sacramento, CA
  • Janette Heyl from Good Day Reverse is one of the best and most ethical business professionals with whom I've ever worked. I come from the financial field and she is: 1) Extremely patient, kind and proficient. 2) Her knowledge of the reverse mortgage field is exceptional. 3) She has the patience of Job & is extremely easy with. 4) She's ethical & honest. 5) Unlike many in the reverse mortgage industry, she recommends consumer focused choices that don't have what in the mortgage business are called, "Junk Fees." 6) She works harder than anyone.

    Nathaniel H. of San Diego, CA

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