Reverse Mortgage Programs

Fixed Rates

Good Day Reverse offers the fixed rate program for the HECM government insured reverse mortgage and the jumbo reverse mortgage. Request a quote to see if either program works for you.

Adjustable Rates

Adjustable rate programs can offer additional ways to access your money through a reverse mortgage. You can utilize a line of credit, lump sum, or receive a monthly disbursement...or all three. These programs have flexibility, so you can choose how you want your reverse mortgage to work!

Choose Your Program

With our innovative approach you are able to choose the reverse mortgage rate and program that works best for you all for a discounted cost. We disclose different programs on our special offer quote and work with you, so that we can help provide your ideal reverse mortgage.

Reverse Mortgage Rates & Programs

What is a LIBOR rate?

Libor stands for London Interbank Offered Rate. It is the rate index that all adjustable reverse mortgage rates are based around. It is the rate banks use to lend money to each other on the wholesale money market. Reverse mortgages are currently available with an annual and monthly adjustable LIBOR.

What is a margin?

The margin is a fixed rate that is associated with the LIBOR reverse mortgage programs. It is added to the LIBOR index rate to achieve the initial reverse mortgage interest rate. The margin never adjusts on a reverse mortgage. It remains fixed for life. The only rate that adjusts is the LIBOR index rate.

You can read more about reverse mortgage rates by reading 12 Must Know Tips About Reverse Mortgage Rates.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Process


There is a required counseling appointment for reverse mortgages. It is conducted by a third party counseling company that is HUD approved. Mainly held over-the-phone.


Once you have been pre-qualified and completed counseling we can send out your application.


We make it easy and order your appraisal. You will also not need to pay out-of-pocket for the appraisal with Good Day Reverse.


This is the final step to get your overall approval to close your reverse mortgage loan. We usually get initial approvals in just 24-48 hours.


You're done! We send a closer to your property with the final papers to sign. After the standard 3-day rescision period your reverse mortgage funds!

We Make It Easy!

We have created a quick and easy reverse mortgage loan process, which is so effective that it is now patented. OK, maybe our process isn’t quite patented, but it should be. Since all we do are reverse mortgages in California we have created a process that expedites your loan. We take care of anything and everything. You might even find us getting your newspaper in the morning and wishing you a good day!

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Now that you have seen the discounts and advantages Good Day Reverse offers it is time to request your quote. Your reverse mortgage just got better. Why get less when you can get more!


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